Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement

Why do you need rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery?

One of the most important factors for a speedy and full recovery after joint replacement or ligament surgery is proper rehabilitation. Therefore, after being discharged from the clinic it is highly recommended to undergo a physiotherapy course in one of the best rehabilitation centres abroad while your recover from your surgery under the cross-border directive.

Meet the head of the Physiotherapy Team at HCB Denia

Rehabilitation helps you recover after surgery as well as prevents formation of blood clots and helps avoid most of the postoperative complications and side effects.

An individual rehabilitation program is tailored to each patient depending on the type of surgery, general patient‘s well-being, health status and other relevant factors.

During the recovery period a patient would travel from their accommodation to the rehabilitation centre using Healthcare Abroads dedicated patient carer/drivers usually twice a day for two 45 minute physiotherapy sessions.

About Sergio Lopez

“Currently, I am the rehabilitation service coordinator at the HCB Denia hospital. Specialized in post-surgical rehabilitation, with a masters in invasive physiotherapy, ultrasound and neuromodulation. Currently working for medifit in HCB Dénia for two years, experience with patients of different types, athletes, rehabilitation and maintenance of the elderly and stroke and degenerative pathologies.”

What can I expect from my Physiotherapy?

An individual programme is always tailored to a single patient, but it does offer the following:

  • Supervised individual physio exercise sessions.
  • Hotel exercise programme for the patient to perform individually after the sessions.
  • Postoperative surgical site care & medication supervision.
  • Application of different therapies such as diathermy, electrotherapy, manual therapy, kinesitherapy, therapeutic exercise, dry needling and ultrasound-guided monitoring.
  • Study of gait mechanics and individualized program for a functional and efficient gait, guiding the patient from the use of a walker, crutches and later, the use of one or no crutches.
  • Physio “homework” programme to bring back home.
  • Continuous passive motion therapy (CPM) for passive knee and hip movement

About MediFit Reha Acute centre within HCB Denia

At MedifitReha, the international rehabilitation centre, your health comes first. They offer you highly qualified care and efficient rehabilitation aimed at each individual. You rehabilitation programme can change at any moment to suit your individual needs. This personal, person-oriented, and intensive approach is what makes MediFitReha unique.

Their experienced team will help you quickly. At MedifitReha you will find a professional team of therapists and medical specialists specialized in rehabilitation. An extensive ‘hands-on’ experience in treating all kinds of neurological, physical, psychological, and cognitive disorders. The rehabilitation centre is led by an international management team that ensures that everything runs smoothly and to your satisfaction.

Rehabilitation After Knee or Hip Surgery

At MedifitReha, you can find an intensive personal rehabilitation programme in combination with an orthopaedic operation for a knee or hip prosthesis.

This special concept is for people who would like to get rid of their painful knee or hip as quickly as possible and get fit again. All under professional guidance in an environment that will encourage you to be healthy, fit, and happy.

Knee or hip surgery and recovery

The medical procedure is carried out in a international hospital. The medical aftercare and rehabilitation takes place in the international rehabilitation centre MedifitReha. The knee or hip medical combination of surgery and rehabilitation concept in Spain is unique and of high quality.

Intensive rehabilitation with results

The latest surgical method combined with the intensive internal rehabilitation programme will enable you to return to your normal daily activities after only four to six weeks.

Normally, this is only possible after three months. With 2 sessions of therapy every day, you can expect to recover much faster than average.

Quality Care You can Rely On

The area of quality is high on our agenda. You should be able to count on the best care, since quality of care is closely linked to quality of life. We strive for continuous improvement of care, so that your questions and wishes can be fulfilled as optimally as possible.

MedifitReha takes a critical look at the quality of care by, for example:

  • Structural satisfaction surveys among rehabilitants
  • Analysing the performance indicators.
  • Scientific research.

Rehabilitation centre MedifitReha applies research across the organisation. Several research lines within the organisation are designed to carry out and set up scientific research themselves. This way they contribute to the development of knowledge for research, education, and practice. Research stems from the demand from practitioners to improve treatment, care, and guidance.


MedifitReha Rehabilitation Centre considers it very important to be able to respond adequately to new needs, opportunities, policies and international and regional developments. That is why they stay up to date on innovations in rehabilitation processes and organisational methods. They do this by means of internal studies and by attending international courses and congresses.

Our service is free to our patients.

Healthcare Abroad

Our service is free to our patients.

The EU Cross Border Directive scheme is a refund scheme. You pay the hospital or clinic for your treatment and we submit a refund application to the HSE afterwards. We prepare the application form and all the supporting documentation required for you to claim your refund.