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Thomas McGuirk

  • Hip Replacement
  • 08/10/2023
Thomas McGuirk

'I Can Represent Ireland In The World Cup Next Year, Thanks To Healthcare Abroad'

Thomas McGuirk is a retired Dublin bus driver. He likes nothing better than playing Walking Football – and represents Ireland internationally. Thomas flew to Spain with Healthcare Abroad for a hip replacement so he can continue to wear the green of Ireland. This is

Thomas’s story:

“I’ve had trouble with my hip since around 2018. I was put on a list but no-one could tell me when I’d have it replaced in Ireland. “That was the most frustrating part of being on a waiting list – not knowing when you’re going to be seen. “I play Walking Football. My hip was stopping me from playing. It’s my favourite pastime and it was so frustrating. “There is a huge social aspect to the sport. It is a big part of my life and I just wanted to continue it. Now thanks to Healthcare Abroad, I can return to something I really love.

“I play in Abbotstown on a Wednesday and I play with my own club on a Friday night, so it is something I love. “I’m 67 now and I retired last year and I want to keep active and my sore hip was holding me back. “I had amazing physiotherapy sessions in Denia at the hospital where I had my hip replaced and that’s a brilliant start to my recovery. I’m going to follow the advice I was given and get back to fitness over the next few months. “I play for the Irish team. While I was in Denia I got a message from the Ireland manager to tell me that we’re playing in the Masters World Cup in Manchester next June. So that’s a great goal. That’s my focus over the next few months. “I played in the Masters World Cup in Zurich last year too. It’s a great sport.

“I want to thank everyone at Healthcare Abroad for absolutely everything. The service provided is second to none. The carers and drivers, the entire team in Denia is superb. The hospital was fantastic too; and the physio team was outstanding.

“I would certainly say to anyone who needs help to give Healthcare Abroad a call. I’ll never forget what you all did for me. I can look forward now to the next World Cup thanks to Chris and all the team.”