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Patient Stories

Patricia Kirwan

  • Hip Replacement
  • 17/01/2024
Patricia Kirwan

Patricia Kirwan Doyle, at 74 years old was told by Irish surgeons that she was too young for a hip replacement

Patricia Kirwan Doyle, at 74 years old was told by Irish surgeons that she was too young for a Hip replacement, in April 2022, Patricia began experiencing excruciating growing pains.

Despite seeking medical attention, her condition continued to worsen. In August 2022, an X-ray failed to reveal any major issues, but her pain persisted, eventually leading to a diagnosis of rapid arthritis. Living alone in a rural area with limited access to public transport, Patricia faced significant challenges. Her journey to find relief led her to Galway / Mayo orthopaedics and then to Castlebar.

The severity of her condition became evident, and she was informed that she needed a hip replacement. Subsequent interactions with Irish healthcare professionals left her feeling disheartened, resulting in prolonged suffering. By February 2023, Patricia’s daily life had become a struggle, and she relied heavily on painkillers and the support of friends and family. Despite assurances of a prompt appointment, months passed without any progress. Her condition worsened to the point that she was in dire straits, seeking assistance from local politicians and facing the prospect of a two-year waiting list.

As a last resort, her GP suggested exploring the Cross-border Directive, leading her to consider Belfast. However, the associated costs and lack of rehabilitation options deterred her. It was only after discovering Healthcare Abroad through an article in a local newspaper that Patricia found hope. Assisted by her GP, Doctor Joseph Curran, Patricia swiftly arranged her trip to Alicante to undergo a complicated hip replacement. Her decision to stay for 7 weeks allowed for intensive rehabilitation and benefited from the favourable weather. Her surgeon in Spain was taken aback by the extent of the damage, necessitating a specialized reconstruction and post-surgery measures to address a significant leg length discrepancy.

The outcome has been nothing short of astonishing. Patricia’s recovery has been remarkable, as she now manages with minimal pain medication and has regained her optimism. Expressing her gratitude, she praised the Healthcare Abroad team, the medical staff, and the attentive hotel personnel at the Daniya Denia Spa Hotel. Her stay also provided her with the opportunity to connect with others from around the world, all seeking healthcare solutions.

In conclusion, Patricia offers a resounding message to those in similar situations: to pursue relief without delay. She emphatically encourages others to seek help abroad and reclaim their lives.