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Patient Stories

Nichola Kitteringham

  • 05/09/2023
Nichola Kitteringham

“I was in so much pain. Healthcare abroad has given me my life back”

Nichola Kitteringham from Cork suffered from excruciating back pain for years. She thought she needed major surgery – until our surgeon said she didn’t and provided a different procedure instead. Nichola (pictured with her partner Lorraine) is living her life again.

This is Nichola’s story:

“I had a disc and nerve removal when I was 27 and recent MRIs had shown possible new problems. I was in a great deal of pain which was hugely impacting my life. Even a 10-minute walk required me to stop five or six times due to pain. I am only 52. “I needed help. A friend of mine had been with Healthcare Abroad to Spain for knee replacement surgery. She was delighted with her care and told me to ring.

“Greg answered my first call, talked me through everything in detail and by the end of the phone call I felt so comfortable. I later agreed to a date and sent my MRI disc to Paul in the Healthcare Abroad office in Dublin. “My whole experience from start to finish was so easy and smooth sailing. Healthcare Abroad did most of the work which was great as I was in a lot of pain. I had been waiting a year to see a neurosurgeon for my back pain. The pain was unbearable!

“Healthcare Abroad sorted the paperwork for the HSE, booked my hotel, picked me up at the airport and brought me to my hotel. Their reps Scott Roberts and Sean came to all my appointments and consultations, stayed in the hospital while I was in surgery to ensure I was OK, checked in with me regularly and on departure day transferred me back to the airport! The service was incredible. I would have been lost without Scott and Sean.

“The HCB Hospital team in Benidorm and the surgeon did multiple tests and it turned out I didn’t need major surgery at all. A number of targeted injections and radio frequency procedures fixed my issues. The pain has gone. I can walk again. I’m in really super form and looking forward to living properly again. “I highly recommend Healthcare Abroad. Chris and his team are fantastic, helpful, caring and so friendly. I will never again sit on a waiting list when I know now all I have to do is lift the phone and have the surgery within weeks in Spain. And the HSE will pay for it.”

You don’t even have to be on a waiting list in Ireland to access healthcare in the EU. It’s the right of every EU citizen to travel for healthcare to another EU country.