Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement

Patient Stories

Maureen Murphy

  • Knee Replacement
  • 18/01/2024
Maureen Murphy

'My GP was blown away by my recovery. I am out walking with my dogs again and doing aqua aerobics too. The healthcare abroad team is amazing'

So what’s it like AFTER surgery? Maureen Murphy travelled with Healthcare Abroad in April/May this year and had a knee replacement operation. “I had a great experience in Denia,” says Maureen from County Mayo. “My GP was delighted with my surgery and blown away by my recovery.

I was back doing activities fairly quickly after getting home. My physio was very impressed – getting so many physio sessions in Denia straight after surgery made the difference. “I’m in great form. I am still doing my aqua aerobics two or three times per week and I love my walks. It’s great to be out and about as I have 2 dogs Max and Molly. “They love exploring the woods and there’s plenty of places in Mayo. The tranquility is bliss.

“My knee is great, thanks to the wonderful team in Denia – from the time I landed there to our departure. I loved it there. Meeting other patients was great craic too. “I have been telling everyone I meet about Healthcare Abroad. I’ve gone from being stuck indoors and in pain to getting my life back again – even doing a charity walk for ChildLine. I’d say to anyone in pain – call Healthcare Abroad today and get fixed.”