Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement

Patient Stories

Mark McKenna

  • Hip Replacement
  • 22/10/2023
Mark McKenna

“The Healthcare Abroad team was superb, from the first call to the surgery and all the help afterwards. I have to mention the drivers. It was astonishing.

Mark McKenna, (41), from Balbriggan is looking forward to being able to play with his two children more after hip replacement surgery in Denia, Spain.

This is Mark’s story:

“From as long as I can remember I’ve always had groin and knee issues but that was always put down to playing football with local teams in Balbriggan and Skerries. “Then about 7 years ago playing amateur football came to a halt. I could hardly walk with pain in my knee. I was 34 at the time. I thought it was all related to playing football. “I went to see a physio and she told me it was my hip causing the problems and I was seen by a consultant who confirmed the pains were coming from my hip, that it was damaged and I had broken or chipped bones which had been grinding my cartilage away. “I put off an operation until after our wedding and then had keyhole surgery. That was ok. It worked for about four years and then two years ago the excruciating pain returned. I tried to get help in the hospital but I was put on an 8-month waiting list for an x-ray!

“The x-ray was done about 18 months ago. Six weeks after that I was told I had corrosion in my knee and a consultant would be in touch. I still haven’t heard anything more than a year later.

“A friend of my mum’s had been to Spain with Healthcare Abroad and I began looking into it and sent an email. I got a call back and an apology as it took 2 weeks to get a response and I just laughed because 2 weeks for me was like a Godsend. “I organised dates to suit and flew to Alicante and had a full hip replacement. The consultant Dr Ibo said it was the worst hip he had seen in years for a man of my age. He showed me a picture of my hip; it was all ragged. “I always had a grinding noise; talking to the surgeons it could have been caused by doing sports very young and there is an ongoing study into that – or I could have just been born with this.

“Surgery is tough. As the days went on afterwards, I got better. The physios were amazing as they settle you down and they talk you through your recovery as well. “It’s like you are getting your physio done with your mates – Sergio, Vicente, Maria and the team. It is so relaxing.

“The Healthcare Abroad team was superb, from the first call to the surgery and all the help afterwards. I have to mention the drivers. They are incredible people, Scott, Santiago, Sean, Kevin, Suzanne (pictured with Mark) all of them. It was astonishing. I have two young children and I am looking forward to hanging out with them more without all the pain. “I’ve no hesitation in recommending Healthcare Abroad. They do everything for you.”