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Patient Stories

Linda O’Shea

  • Knee Replacement
  • 28/03/2024
Linda O’Shea

“I had previous health issues that were dealt with, and then two years ago, I really started feeling pain in my leg. After an X-ray and scan, I was told I had osteoarthritis and would be placed on a list to see a consultant and have an operation. There was a mix-up on their end, and after waiting for a call turns out I never did end up on the list, meanwhile, the pain was getting worse. I don’t like to complain but I needed help from my husband to do everything.”
“I went online and read the patient stories and thought, that is me, and I need to go ahead and get help. Paul in the Dublin office helped get everything sorted with our credit union and travel arrangements. Once we arrived, we couldn’t ask for any better treatment from the drivers, hotel and hospital. Dr. Henkel explained everything in detail in an honest and upfront way and set me at ease. A few days after surgery with the great aftercare I am walking with one crutch. I need routine treatment for another condition, and Dr. Jordy quickly took care of it.”
“I can’t thank everyone enough that I can now get back to being active with my family and look forward to doing my own shopping, travelling, and sailing with my husband. I have recommended to my sister to come get her surgery done rather than waiting and suffering and would tell others to do the same.”