Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement

Patient Stories

Concepta Corrigan

  • Hip Replacement
  • 22/03/2024
Concepta Corrigan

Concepta Corrigan. 🏨✨
“I now believe miracles can happen!” said Concepta Corrigan from Dundalk, who recently had a successful hip replacement. “Sorcha, who helped with all of the arrangements, is like my guardian angel, and I can’t say thank you enough to everyone involved in my treatment.”
“I had been experiencing hip pain for a year and a half and was prescribed painkillers. I had an MRI last summer that showed I needed a hip replacement. By Christmas, I was in so much pain, and my family started to notice how depressed I was getting. I work in the hospitality industry, and being on my feet was unbearable. When I followed up on my operation, I found out that I was on a list for physio and not surgery, that I was expecting. I then went back to my GP for help and was given a leaflet for Healthcare Abroad. I read through it and thought it doesn’t seem real but decided to call.”
“Everything was taken care of within five weeks, and I will for sure come back for any other treatment I may need. All the staff have made everything stress-free. Any request or concern has been sorted. Dr. Henkel was direct and clear and made me feel comfortable. The post-surgery physio has been better than I could have hoped. We didn’t expect the great camaraderie that would come between other patients and their families.” Her son, who came with her, had to work remotely for a week and he added, “ the WIFI was fantastic.”
“If this all sounds too good to be true, I want to tell you it is all true! I am living proof! I am now looking forward to returning to work and doing everyday things pain-free. I know I will be able to dance at the next family wedding. Two years ago, I climbed Mount Croagh Patrick and look forward to doing so again.”🚑
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