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Carraig Roberts

  • Shoulder Procedures
  • 01/10/2023
Carraig Roberts

I had been waiting two years to be seen and I was told I could wait a few more years to be seen.

Carraig Roberts, (24), from Shrule in Co Mayo. Repeated shoulder dislocations remained undiagnosed until he travelled with Healthcare Abroad to the HCB Hospital in Benidorm to see a shoulder specialist.

This is Carraig’s story:

“I played rugby from the age of 9. I was with a few different clubs and was in the development squads for Connacht. I went on to play with Galwegians and then Corrib. “About two years ago I was doing a warm-up before a game and my shoulder popped out. After that I was told to do physio to see if that would work and three months later I was playing the first game of the GAA season and my shoulder just popped out again. “When my shoulder pops out it is like being hit with an electric shock. It gives you a jolt and you would know instantly that it had come out. I would pop it back in and it would be sore for a few days afterwards.

“I later found out in Spain that my shoulder was torn at the front and at the back and that’s why it would pop out so easily. “I suppose the final straw for me was when I was in Spain on holidays. My friends and I had jumped into the water from a boat. Then my shoulder dislocated while I was in the water. I managed to get back to the boat but it was pretty frightening working with one arm to get back. It was now dangerous for me to have this condition. “Thankfully my physio advised me to try to get it fixed under the EU Cross Border Directive and I called Healthcare Abroad.

“Next thing I know I am on a flight from Knock to Alicante and getting picked up and taken to a great hotel next to the HCB Hospital in Benidorm. “Healthcare Abroad had linked me with an amazing shoulder specialist Dr Alfredo Sánchez Martin and he explained everything to me. It will take a few months to get over the surgery and back to my work as a barber; and hopefully I can get back to sport in around 10 months’ time.

“I had been waiting two years to be seen and I was told I could wait a few more years to be seen. Thankfully I went to Benidorm with Healthcare Abroad. I’d say to anyone in a similar position to give them a call. They really do look after you.”