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Patient Stories

Alex Sardi

  • Gastric Bypass
  • 08/02/2024
Alex Sardi

Alex Sardi from Cork said “five out of five stars is not enough, I would rate the experience 100 Stars!”

Alex Sardi from Cork said “five out of five stars is not enough, I would rate the experience 100 Stars!” A hospital administrator specialising in Geriatrics who has worked around the world, her experience with Healthcare Abroad and her Gastric By-pass operation and recovery has gone well beyond her expectations.
She was struggling with keeping her weight down and has a family history of heart and diabetes issues so sought medical help at home in hopes of preventative treatment. Her GP tried Hormone Replacement Therapy and she ended up gaining weight and diets were not working.
“I was feeling very frustrated from years of not having enough energy for my young family and a demanding career and facing a possible future of diabetes and heart issues.” A chance encounter with a friend of a friend, who came to her house with her children for Halloween treats “changed her life”. At first Alex didn’t recognise her because her appearance had changed so much from when she saw her earlier last year. “She had lost so much weight and she was just glowing with good health. She told me that she found Healthcare Abroad and had an operation in July and three months later she has never felt better.”
With her medical background Alex did her research but she said it was on her initial call in December with Healthcare Abroad that really convinced her to proceed. “He asked me first if I have any doubts – something out of the ordinary in the medical profession in my experience. I hung up the phone and booked our tickets and the hotel and proceeded with the paperwork right away.” From that day she said the whole experience has been wonderful. “The Healthcare Abroad staff all along were informative and efficient and set you at ease right away. HCB Hospital Denia was one of the cleanest I had ever seen in all of my career. Dr. Alberola and the staff were so caring and attentive. That same treatment extended to my husband and young daughter who came with me. In fact, my husband was so impressed he gave the staff a Valentine’s chocolate basket.”
“I can’t say enough how great the experience and staff have been and I feel like I have a new network of health professionals and friends that I can rely on for support.” Feeling better than ever even early in her recovery in the Spanish sunshine, Alex is already planning a return this time for a holiday with her family where she can enjoy some of the gastronomic delights of Denia. 🏥