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Patient Stories

Aileen Whyte

  • Bunion Surgery
  • 17/03/2024
Aileen Whyte

Aileen Whyte, from Co. Cavan, suffered long-term with her bunion.
Aileen was facing an 18-month wait for surgery on her bunion. Frustrated by the worsening pain and lack of progress, she turned to Healthcare Abroad after seeing an ad. After speaking with a member of the Healthcare Abroad team, Aileen began her healthcare journey. Healthcare Abroad handled all logistics, such as arranging the operation date, hotel and flights. Aileen’s team of nurses and consultants provided excellent pre- and post-bunion surgery care when she arrived at HCB Denia Hospital. One of the best parts of her experience, Aileen highlights, was the new friends she made while recovering by the poolside; Aileen encourages others suffering from bunions to consider this solution abroad, emphasizing the supportive atmosphere and patient care she received from start to finish.
The other patients who were in Denia all supported each other and the craic there at meal times and by the pool helped keep the spirits up. I definitely have made some great friends on this trip.
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