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Aidan Goodfellow

  • 12/09/2023
Aidan Goodfellow

‘I don’t know how to thank healthcare abroad. I had back surgery in spain within eight weeks when i was told it would be eight years in ireland. I can get my life back now’

Aidan Goodfellow is back in Tralee in County Kerry following spinal fusion surgery in Spain. (Pictured with our carer Scott) Here is what Aidan told us just before he flew home: “I just don’t know where to start. I’m 46 and in theory I shouldn’t have had the back pain I had, but I did.

“I was told I would have to wait THREE years in Ireland to see a consultant and I might have to wait another FIVE years. That would have been a wait of 8 years – I called Healthcare Abroad and was sorted in just 8 weeks.

“They met me at the airport, did all the transfers and organised all the consultations, surgery and the hotel. You couldn’t make it up! “Even on the first day I had multiple MRIs, blood tests, heart tests, blood pressure…everything was checked. It would take you 6 months at home to get all that done. “I had worked in a pub for 13 years and lifting kegs and that probably didn’t help my back over the years. I can turn my hand to anything really and more recently had been working at Woodies DIY. “I stayed at a lovely hotel in Benidorm and had surgery with Dr Karim at the HCB Hospital which is literally next door. The care was exceptional throughout. “I want to get back to full health over the next few weeks as I recover and then I want to get back to work. I absolutely hate being idle.

I love working and hate sitting around. “I can see already that I am getting my life back again. My girlfriend and my mother both came out to stay with me in Benidorm and that was lovely, especially having time with my mum here. “I want to thank Chris and all his team, Dr Karim of course and Amy at the HCB Hospital who was so kind. I also want to thank Scott from Healthcare Abroad who was there when I needed him. He was amazing.”

Don’t suffer in silence.

Aidan’s operation and healthcare was financed via a loan from Cara Credit Union in Tralee. Healthcare Abroad does all the paperwork and the HSE will reimburse 100 per cent of the costs in an average of 16 weeks.

Treatments abroad are covered by the HSE

Healthcare Abroad

Treatments abroad are covered by the HSE

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