Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement
Hospital HCB Dénia offers a new hip surgery technique for its Irish patients

Hospital HCB Dénia offers a new hip surgery technique for its Irish patients

The Team of HCB Hospitals has launched its hip and knee surgery program with intensive rehabilitation in HCB Dénia with a novelty: the collaboration with Lucas Kleijn M.D., from the Elkerliek Hospital in Helmond (Netherlands), who will carry out hip interventions with the previous approach technique.

Dr. Lucas Kleijn, a Dutch orthopedic surgeon, carries out the placement of total hip prosthesis by previous approach at HCB Dénia. This method helps to preserve the muscles and is characterized by a smooth recovery and a stable hip. Therefore, the whole process is much less invasive for the patient.

 Drs. Lucas Kleijn has a degree in medicine from the University of Maastricht. He works mainly at the Elkerliek Hospital in Helmond and since 2011 he has been an expert in the application of the previous approach.

 During his training, he was able to gain experience in several countries, including accident medicine in Egypt and Austria. In addition, a scholarship in shoulder surgery in New Zealand.

 It strives to provide not only medical excellence, but also a personal approach to medical care. Based in the Netherlands, he will be happy to travel to Denia to offer this treatment in an optimal environment for recovery after an operation of this type.

Intensive operation and rehabilitation in Dénia

In addition, for patients who choose this treatment, they will be able to receive it at the HCB Dénia hospital and its rehabilitation in the Medifit rehabilitation center.

Care on the ground

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Please details about Dr. Lucas Klein who is available once every six weeks for Irish patients: Drs. Lucas Kleijn

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