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The Hospital da Luz Aveiro

The Hospital da Luz Aveiro, located near the city center, meets all the conditions to be one of the best private hospitals in the center of the country.

With the capacity to serve Aveiro and nearby localities, it stands out for the quality and innovation of the medical services provided.

Excellence and innovation

The Hospital da Luz Aveiro has a specialized and experienced clinical staff, which includes some of the most prestigious doctors in the center and north of the country.

This hospital is equipped with recent and differentiated medical technology. We thus guarantee a high level of care, betting on medical specialization and strong personalization and humanization.

Comprehensive range of services

The Hospital da Luz Aveiro offers all the medical and surgical specialties and the most modern complementary means of diagnosis.

Pole II (inaugurated in 2010) connected to the original building through a tunnel, allowed a significant increase in the offer of consultations and complementary diagnostic tests. It is entirely intended for outpatient care.

The Hospital da Luz Aveiro has:

  • Operating room with rooms equipped and sized for all types of surgeries;
  • Maternity with birth block consisting of dilation room, expulsion room and newborn resuscitation room;
  • Medical-surgical hospitalization;
  • Urgent Service.