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Hospital da Luz Lisboa

The Hospital da Luz Lisboa materializes the paradigm of the provision of care of Luz Saúde. We are committed to a fast and effective diagnosis, through a medicine of excellence and innovation.

Bringing together an acute hospital and a residential hospital in an integrated health complex, Hospital da Luz Lisboa is an unavoidable reference in the sector at national and international level.

Excellence and innovation

The Hospital da Luz Lisboa offers all medical and surgical valences, with emphasis on dedicated areas organized in centers of excellence.

The quality and experience of the clinical staff and the technological innovation of medical equipment and information systems make Hospital da Luz Lisboa a model of medicine of excellence and innovation and a European-level reference.

The unique architecture, which combines safety with the comfort and privacy of patients, complements this leadership position.

All this contributes to a complete and integrated approach to patients that is decisive for the quality of the health care provided.

Comprehensive range of services

At Hospital da Luz Lisboa is available:

  • A vast outpatient offer with consultations of various medical and surgical specialties and other clinical specialties, clinical analyses, imaging exams and examinations of other specialties;
  • Operating Block, with rooms prepared for all types of procedures and where avant-garde equipment for the most differentiated surgery stands out;
  • Maternity, with a birth block consisting of several rooms and a special neonatal care unit;
  • Hospitalization, distributed by acute care, intensive care, intermediate care units and continuous and palliative care units.
  • Urgent care, for adults, pediatrics and gynecology-obstetrics.

The first private university hospital in Portugal

In partnership with the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP), Hospital da Luz Lisboa began, in 2021, a new cycle of development and investment in the next generations of health professionals, becoming the reference hospital for the Integrated Master’s Degree in Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the UCP.

Prepared to integrate future doctors, in all phases of their pre-graduate training, the Hospital da Luz Lisboa is today the largest and most advanced private hospital in Portugal:

  • It has its own clinical staff, with nurses, health technicians and more than 300 full-time doctors and a multidisciplinary, team-centered and patient-centered clinical governance model.
  • Annually, it serves about one million people, to carry out about 2.5 million urgent consultations and consultations, more than 60,000 surgeries and deliveries and 1.2 million complementary diagnostic tests.
  • It is integrated into a health campus – an innovative concept in terms of care integration: at the Hospital da Luz in Lisbon, a highly differentiated hospital, a continuing and palliative care unit, a general and family medicine center and a residential condominium for the older population are combined.
  • It has been accredited since 2018 by JCI, for its high standards of hospital quality and safety.
  • It develops teaching and research activity, welcoming daily dozens of students from the various faculties of medicine, nursing, health technicians, managers, engineers, pharmacists and other professionals linked to the sector.
  • It has a simulation and medical training center, which is one of the largest in Europe: 1,300 m2; 10 advanced simulation rooms; more than 100 simulators; about 30 cameras and real sound and audiovisual systems and clinical equipment; about a hundred simulation instructors.
  • Annually receives about a thousand health professionals for training using simulation.

Postgraduate medical training

The Hospital da Luz Lisboa has also been asserting itself in postgraduate medical training, with complete programs of Medical Internship and training suitability attributed by the Order of Physicians in more than a dozen medical and surgical specialties.

More than three dozen doctors today hold their specialty internship at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa, in different areas of specialty.

Catholic Luz Clinical Academic Center

The Hospital da Luz Lisboa is part of the Catholic Luz Academic Clinical Center (CAC).

  • This is the first clinical academic center in Portugal to involve exclusively private and social sector institutions.
  • It was officially recognized by the Government, in an ordinance published in the Diário da República on March 25, 2022.
  • CAC Católica Luz is a private non-profit association that aims to enhance the synergies already existing between the Portuguese Catholic University, the Luz Saúde Group, the Hospital da Luz, the Hospital da Luz Learning Health and the União das Misericórdias Portuguesas.
  • It is the recognition of the role that the Portuguese private health sector has in the development of clinical research and innovation, combined with a clinical practice of excellence, with the objective of obtaining the best health results.

The CAC Católica Luz aims to bring together teaching, research and health care, in the context of a collaboration that aims to create a common institutional culture, focused on scientific and clinical quality in an international context, facilitating and fostering communication and collaboration, optimizing the use of human and infrastructure resources and generating common transversal projects that contribute to the continuous improvement of health care.

The future

In the coming years, the Hospital da Luz Lisboa will continue to represent an important part of Luz Saúde’s investment plan.

With the expansion of the capacity of the facilities and the construction of a new building, the Hospital da Luz Lisboa increases and restructures its clinical offer, adding new areas and enhancing the area dedicated to the continuous training of health professionals.

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