Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement
Dr. Elena Arrondo


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Dr. Elena Arrondo


Professional Career

Dr Elena Arrondo is an ophthalmologist member of the Glaucoma Department of IMO and a Lecturer in the Glaucoma Master’s Degree of the IMO and the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

She specialises in glaucoma and the optic nerve with a special interest in medical and surgical treatment of this disease, as well as its main risc factor: ocular hypertension.

As far as the treatment of the disease is concerned, she is an expert in the handling of surgical techniques, such as trabeculoplasty, non penetrating deep sclerectomy or drainage devices and valves, among others. She is also a specialist in the laser treatment of the disease.

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She also participates in multi-centre clinical trials, which aim to improve quality of life, as well as testing new therapies to treat glaucoma patients.

“The surgery was a success and I didn’t hesitate for one second when it was time to operate on the other eye. My pressure remains under control to this day.” – Elvira Escribano