Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement

Patient Stories

David from Dublin

  • Lumbar decompression surgery
  • 11/06/2024
David from Dublin

“I had immediate pain relief! Everything could not have gone better!” said David from Dublin after his back surgery through Healthcare Abroad.
David, a security specialist, started to experience back pain about 10 months prior that was steadily getting worse. “The pain got so bad I couldn’t walk, work, or help look after my kids. I had to start taking some serious painkillers that made me feel awful, so I had no quality of life.”
“An MRI showed a herniated disc, so I was given a steroid injection, but that didn’t help. I was in total despair, waiting months for further consultations and potentially facing more than a year for further treatment. I knew I had to go another route, so I googled back operations in other countries and found Healthcare Abroad. I gave Chris a call, and within days, all the plans were made. The help I received every step of the way was amazing.”
“The HCB Hospital in Denia was flawless. My surgeon, Dr Saab, was brilliant. The Healthcare Abroad team looked after not only me but also my partner and young son, who had travelled with me. The hotel and surroundings are such a good place to recuperate.”
“I am so grateful to Healthcare Abroad for helping me get my life back. We have two other kids and a baby on the way, and this summer, I should be back to enjoying life with my family.”