Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement

Patient Stories

Patrick Finnerty

  • 27/05/2024
Patrick Finnerty

🏨Patrick Finnerty, Shillelagh Co. Wicklow
“I was totally amazed by the speed of the service, and feel like Healthcare Abroad has given me a lifeline to live!” said Pat Finnerty after his back surgery at HCB Hospital in Benidorm. Pat, a cattle farmer, started experiencing extreme pain in his shoulder six years ago. “My GP gave me Chris’ number as he knew being on a long surgical waiting list would not work for me. Chris explained everything and within 2 weeks, I had my surgery in Benidorm and 10 days after the surgery was home in my own bed.”
“This time around, I had excruciating back pain and it was so bad that I couldn’t stand or walk. I had an MIR which confirmed I needed back surgery, and the day I was told I faced a long surgery wait time in Ireland I rang Chris again. Within 24 hours of being told I needed an operation, I was booked for one over in Spain the following week. Dr. Karim and his team determined the type of operation that was needed, and all went well. The physiotherapy I received right after surgery set me on course for recovery as I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself.”
“The treatment I received was the solution I needed to get on with the rest of my life without crippling back pain. I have three to four months of rehabilitation and after that, I am looking forward to getting back to normal life, jumping in my campervan and taking long strolls on the beaches that I love. Couldn’t be happier!”