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Patient Stories

Patricia Kelly

  • Hip Replacement
  • 21/04/2024
Patricia Kelly

Meet Patricia Kelly, from Sligo.
Patricia’s journey with hip issues began in 2010, gradually worsening over the years. As a passionate ballroom dancer, her hip problems became increasingly debilitating, restricting her and no longer allowing her to dance freely. Desperate for relief, Patricia discovered Healthcare Abroad and wasted no time reaching out for help. Within days, she found herself in Spain undergoing hip replacement surgery with one of our expert doctors. However, post-surgery, Patricia experienced a health scare that led to the discovery of a 90% blocked artery.
Thanks to the swift action and expert care at Healthcare Abroad, she received two stents to help with the issues.
Now, in recovery and reflecting on her experience, Patricia is grateful for the timely intervention that likely saved her life.
With renewed health and mobility, she’s eager to return to her beloved ballroom dancing. Patricia’s story is a testament to the importance of seeking help early and the life-changing impact of Healthcare Abroad.
We are so happy she is doing so well.