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Patient Stories

John Collins

  • Hip Replacement
  • 17/04/2024
John Collins

“It was life-changing! I cried happy tears during post-surgery physiotherapy when I finally could move without pain,” said John Collins, from Cork, after his hip replacement with Healthcare Abroad. “I will be giving a 100 per cent recommendation to everyone back home.” A retired construction worker who built high-rise scaffolding in Ireland and the Middle East, John had been dealing with hip issues for over thirty years, but two years ago, that pain became really bad. “My hip just stopped working. I was put on a waitlist for five years for treatment, and thankfully, that is when my son found out about Healthcare Abroad.”
“At first, I thought it sounded too good to be true but once we started the process my mind was put to ease. Everyone on the Healthcare Abroad team played a part to make the whole experience great. Once we arrived, we were treated like family. My surgeon was amazing. The hospital staff were always smiling and that made such a difference with recovery. The physiotherapy was unbelievable.”
“I would tell anyone who is at the start of the process, you will not believe how good it can be. When I get home, I can now look forward to doing simple things like walking my dog and making plans for activities with my family. It has all been so amazing, and I want to thank the Healthcare Abroad team for everything.”