Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement

Patient Stories

Concepta Corrigan

  • Hip Replacement
  • 24/05/2024
Concepta Corrigan

“I now believe miracles can happen!” said Concepta Corrigan from Dundalk, who recently had a successful hip replacement. With Sorcha’s help, Concepta felt like she had a guardian angel by her side.
After enduring a year and a half of hip pain and discovering she was mistakenly on a physio list instead of surgery, she turned to Healthcare Abroad. Within five weeks, everything was arranged, and her experience was stress-free, thanks to the supportive staff and clear communication from Dr. Henkel.
The post-surgery physio exceeded her expectations, and she found great friendships with other patients.
Concepta is now looking forward to returning to work, dancing at family weddings, and even climbing Croagh Patrick again.