Hospital San Rafael

With more than 50 years of experience, San Rafael Hospital has been equipped with the necessary experience to resolve the healthcare needs of patients. Since its foundation in 1969, led by Dr. Hervada, its management and medical team is commitment to healthcare excellence, the promotion of teaching and research work and, above all, respect the human dimension of medicine.

Thanks to our advanced surgical equipment and specialised teams, we can diagnose and treat complex pathologies, with a multidisciplinary approach.

The Facilities

Among all our facilities, we especially highlight the refractive surgery operating room, of which we are pioneers in Cádiz. As well as the modern imaging diagnostic center equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that places us at the forefront of technology in our provinces.

All our facilities undergo a constant renovation process, so that the internal/external appearance and ergonomics of the building are optimal, as confirmed by the surveys and inspections carried out.

Supporting you on your Journey

Our personal health advisors provide a complete service to accompany you throughout the process:

  • Personal reception upon arrival at the centre.
  • Maximum privacy.
  • Immediate management of tests and results.
  • Support and guidance from the hospital to reduce waiting times.
  • Resolution of unforeseen events.
  • Personalised advice on healthcare and concerns.
  • Personal Health Advisor in the language that you need.
  • Exclusive and direct telephone and email of the Personal Health Advisor.
  • Answers to your concerns.
  • Immediate medical appointments and reminders.
Why wait in pain on long waiting lists in Ireland?

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Why wait in pain on long waiting lists in Ireland?

Let us help you get the treatment you need - all covered by the HSE.