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Michel Vleugels


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Michel Vleugels

Gynecological Surgery

After medical training, Michel Vleugels has followed the postgraduate course on tropical medicin at the Tropical Institute at Amsterdam: he was  several years medical officer in charge in the tropics, Tanzania where scientifical work resulted in publications on malaria resistancy and a Phd thesis “cortisol and malaria immunity in pregnant women”.


Return to the Netherlands and training in gynaecology/obstetrics led to the interest in minimal invasive surgery and became one the first endoscopic pioneers in  the Netherlands. He wrote more than 60 publications in international registered magazines on the field of  hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, menstrual disorders, infectious diseases and many other items in the field of gynaecology. He became registered endoscopic surgeon, got a membership of several endoscopic societies, board member ESGE and secretary of the Dutch Society Endoscopic Gynaecology.


Daily practice as senior consultant was done in the Riverland Hospital at Tiel, the Netherlands, a training hospital for medical students and residents with special interest in endoscopic surgery. In this hospital a skill laboratory has been founded where colleagues from all over Europe have been trained in hysteroscopic surgery. He was codirector of training centre for residents at the Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital in Nijmegen.  As a consultant staff member, he works also in a private clinic specialized in “see and treat” for menstrual disorders and sterilisation. He is organizer/faculty member of registered training courses for residents, Gynaecologists and OR personal.

Dr. Vleugels has given lectures and training abroad in many European and southeast countries. He attended more than 160 congresses in which most of them he presented 190 times.

Dr. Vleugels is still involved in ongoing scientifical studies at the Universities in the Netherlands, publishing regularly in international scientifical magazines and being co-author of several thesis books.


Moreover he is consultant for several companies involved in the development/implementation of new endoscopic instruments as well as founder/medical director  of research/development company for force feed back instruments.


His fields of interest working in Hospital Clinica Benidorm and Denia are, benign gynaecology: menstrual disorders, pathology of the uterus, prolaps of the pelvic floor, endometriosis, post-menopausal problems.


1970   -> final examination of the secondary -grammar B-  school (gymnasium-B) of the “Henric van Veldeke  College”, Maastricht, the Netherlands.


1973   -> Bachelor’s degree of Medicine, Catholic University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Faculty of Medicine.


1975   -> Doctoral’s degree of Medicine, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.


1977    -> Medical Doctor’s Degree, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.


1977-1978   ->  Training for Tropical Doctor at the gynecological, obstetric and surgical departments of the “Sint Jan Gasthuis”, Hoorn, the Netherlands.


1978     -> Postgraduate course for Tropical Diseases, Royal Tropical Institute of Amsterdam, the  Netherlands.


1979-1982   -> Medical Officer in Charge of the “Turiani Hospital”, Turiani, Tanzania.


1982-1983    ->  Research for and preparation of the thesis on the subject of the relation between pregnancy related cortisol levels and the loss of malaria immunity at the Catholic University of   Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


1984    ->    PhD degree, thesis “Cortisol and the loss of malaria immunity in human pregnancy”


1983-1988   ->    Training for gynecologist at the “Sint Joseph Hospital”, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. (head JHJM Meuwissen MD, PhD) and at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands (head Prof. AA  Haspels, MD, PhD).


Aug 1988     ->    Registration F.R.C.G.


July 1988-Oct 1988    Netherlands; temporary detachment as “chef de Clinique” at St.Willibrordus Hospital”,  Deurne, the Netherlands.


Sept. 1988 – Dec 1988     ->  Part-time gynaecologist at “Diagnostic Centre Eindhoven” , ultrasound department.


Dec.  1988 – Jan.  1990    ->   Deputy Gynaecologist at “Partnership Gynecologists Hilversum” Streekziekenhuis Hilversum, the Netherlands.


Feb.  1990 – Aug.  1992    ->    Partner in “Partnership Gynecologists   Hilversum” at Hospital Hilversum.


Aug.  1992 –  July   2001    Partner in “Partnership Gynecologists CWZ” at the training’s hospital Canisius Wilhelmina   Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


July 1997 – July 2001        Course Director: National Training Course for Diagnostic Hysteroscopy and Minor Surgical Procedures. Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital, Nijmegen.


Jan 1998 – July 2001        Co-director Registrar Training Gynecology. Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital, Nijmegen.


Oct 2001 – Oct 2016        Gynaecologist/endoscopic surgeon; head of gynaecology and obstetrics department Riverland Hospital Tiel Netherlands


Oct 2001 – Jan 2006       Board member Dutch Society for gynecological endoscopy (secretary of board)


Oct 2002 – Oct 2004          Board member of the ESGE; European Society of gynaecological endoscopy


June 2003        ACGE certification (accreditation council of gynecological endoscopy)


Jan 2004  – today        medical director EFI (Endoscopic Force Instruments) company



Jan 2005 – april 2008        staff member clinic “Via Sana”; menstrual disorders and sterilizations



Jan 2006 – today         Course Director: National Training Course for Minimal invasive gyn. Surgery for OR nurses.


Sept 2008 – dec 2015      staff member clinic “CASA”; contraception and sterilisation



Jan 2018 – today          consultant at Centro Medico Alfaz; Alfaz del Pi Spain



April 2018 – today       Consultant HCB-Hospital Clinica Benidorm, Benidorm, Spain




Dutch Society Medical Specialists


Dutch Society Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Society of Dutch flying doctors.


Consultancy Group for Maternal Health and Family Planning


ESC: European Society of contraception


ESGE: European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


ISGE: International Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


AAGL: American Association of Gynaecological Laparoscopists


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gynakologische Endoskopie